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Carla Salinas passed away gently, peacefully and gracefully in her sleep on Sept 18, 2012.  She has fought a long and hard battle for over 20 years.

You can make a donation to Circle of Hearts in honor of Carla which
will help cover her end of life expenses.

Thank you for your generosity and prayers.

Be empowered to survive cancer with
Integrative Approaches.

We are committed to providing funding, inspiration and education
for the healing journeys of those who are surviving cancer
with Integrative Approaches.

What are Integrative Approaches?
They are the best of both complementary or natural and traditional or western therapeutic methods.

Please read these pages and donate generously so that our willingness to empower those with cancer can manifest. Unlike other organizations, Circle of Hearts does not pay staff members any salary or administrative fees for their devoted time. It is the volunteer participant’s passion to serve and to model a more healthy lifestyle. Funds raised are applied to cover the considerable and actual expenses of  Integrative Therapies for the beneficiaries-not ever for living expenses.

WE WILL BE ACCEPTING NEW BENEFICIARIES SOON and will have some exciting new updates…
So stay tuned!

Donations of every amount make a difference!
♥Thank You♥

In Health and Peace,
Circle of Hearts Board of Directors

Circle of Hearts is a Colorado non-profit, tax-exempt organization per US Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)3, making your donations fully tax-deductible!

If  you prefer to donate by check, please sent to:

Circle of Hearts
790 Clarkson Street
Denver, CO 80218

For more information please call: